Corporate Parties

Corporate Parties

Yep. We do TONS of them. As a matter of fact – it’s one of our specialties.

Now usually this is where you would expect us to “name drop” and put down this long “laundry list” of all the companies we’ve entertained for since we began in 1986…

I guess that I just don’t see your company event as my “marketing opportunity” – but rest assured, that we have been the reason for some of Fortune 500’s biggest companies celebrations. We also love giving the “around the corner” companies the same, incredible attention to detail and world class client services.

There are several companies who have had us do their events every year for over 10 years!

So what does all of this mean – well, here’s what it means to me; it means trust.

These companies TRUST us to come in, be professional and provide them with an epic and fun party year after year. And an event that boosts company morale and one that the employees talk about – and can’t wait til the next one…

They don’t have to worry about what we’re going “say” or “do” – they don’t have to worry about if we’re going to play inappropriate music or not – they can TRUST us to represent them in a professional manner.

Let’s face it -In this digital age – the last thing companies need is something questionable from last nights party being plastered all over social media.

Here’s what else it means -Since we’re smaller we can offer unparalleled “hand holding” and unequaled customer service and attention to detail and we’re able to work closely with you and your agenda so we can accomplish your vision.

Also – being smaller allows us the means to invest in nothing but the best in pro audio gear and backup equipment so you can have peace of mind knowing that our setup is top of the line and professional-grade – ensuring that your CEO’s welcome speech comes through crystal clear, the lights aren’t going cause any seizures and the music volume never “blares” through your employees and guests.

We’re not out doing multiple events – giving you and your party the focus it needs.

We’re also able to be incredibly creative – given that we’re not huge “production company” – we’re able take the time to give you some great hints and suggestions from our over 30 years of experience to help you personalize your event – and come up with some clever things you can use to really wow your companies top-brass and workforce.

Give us a call right now to book your company party – you’re gonna love what we can do.

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Since 1982, Keith Fox has spent his career entertaining and dazzling THOUSANDS of clients, he is an eloquent speaker, dynamic entertainer and no where else will you find another professional with his passion, experience and enthusiasm. He is a highly sought after host/DJ and master of ceremonies for corporate America. Awarded “Entertainer of the Year” for California... Read More

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