Elementary School Fun

Elementary School Fun

Plan your next elementary school fun dance with us! Keith Fox can make your event spectacular with music, fun and high energy games. Since 1986 we have already have tons of experience since we specialize in elementary school events. It’s structured fun for everyone from the students, to the faculty, teachers, and parents too!

Whether you are planning a luau, sock hop, carnival or any other school event, Keith Fox provide the entertainment and good – wholesome fun.

At the elementary student age, student’s don’t just dance, they need structure. We have all sorts of activities and games to keep them engaged and interested!

This allows everything to be structured, students are more likely to be engaged and entertained when there is something going on all the time, besides just music!

Are you curious about what we play for music at Elementary Schools around the area, it’s 100% family friendly and fun! Check out our sample music list.

We NEVER play ANY music with questionable or objectionable lyrics.  EVER.  As a parent, you can count on Keith Fox to only entertain kids with the highest of standards.

It’s guaranteed F-U-N for everyone!

What are you waiting for? Check your event date, & let’s get the party started! Call us TODAY!


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Since 1982, Keith Fox has spent his career entertaining and dazzling THOUSANDS of clients, he is an eloquent speaker, dynamic entertainer and no where else will you find another professional with his passion, experience and enthusiasm. He is a highly sought after host/DJ and master of ceremonies for corporate America. Awarded “Entertainer of the Year” for California... Read More

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