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DJ/MC Entertainment

Most people think dj’s are cheesy – well that’s because most people hire cheesy dj’s – they’ll spend a fortune on food, drinks, veggies platters, fancy place settings, a cake, favors, room décor, and professional dj entertainment becomes an afterthought –

Besides, a friend of a friend at work is a dj….and think of all the money you’ll save…….right?

Hi – I’m keith fox –

If you want a “good” dj – there are plenty of dj companies out there that can do a “good” job….

After all – nowadays, anyone with a laptop and speakers is a dj.

BUT – if you’re looking for a one of a kind, once in a lifetime personalized and unique party… that’s truly YOU — one that you AND your guests will remember and talk about for 10 -15 – 20 years …

That’s what I do

Let me ask you a question – what do you think it means to be a true “wedding specialist”?

Now you’ve probably heard that term tossed around a bit if you’ve been talking to other dj companies…

So what does it really mean? Well – here’s my definition – let me know if this makes sense to you:

IF they do, bar/bat mitzvahs, proms – raves – videography – photography – wedding invitations – sweet 16’s – quincereras – Uncle Joe’s backyard bbq parties – photobooths – invitations – clubs – wedding décor – chandeliers- high schools – etc.

Then they’re the “we’ll book whatever comes through the door” specialist…

Sounds to me like a “jack of all trades – master of none” …

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to discredit anyone….that may work for them – but it’s just not the way I’ve chosen to do business – I just don’t believe that’s the way to truly build special and lasting memories…

I specialize these areas of expertise – Weddings – Corporate Parties/Elementary Schools and Fundraising for Schools – PERIOD.

So you tell me – who do you think sounds like a “specialist”?

From my very first, official wedding in 1986 – I’ve entertained at thousands of weddings since – my business was built on amazing the most discriminating clients, which gives me the experience, knowledge and expertise to know what to say, when to say it, what song to play, when to play it, what to do and when to do it…….and most importantly –

When to shutup.

Awhile back – I won the game show networks national “coast to coast search for a host” for northern California –

Think – “American Idol” for game show hosts…

I beat out hundreds of other very talented contestants to win – now out of that – I got the opportunity to host many pilot projects for sony pictures and other independent studios and had a blast living down in Los Angeles for awhile…

I got to work with studios that had millions of dollars riding on their concept shows getting picked up by networks – I know pressure – because I had to be at peak performance the second those cameras started rolling…

But in all of that – I’ve found that there’s more pressure being the dj for someones most important day –

Think about it – if mess up on camera – we can re-shoot or edit the mistake out – when it comes to your wedding or once a year company party – there is no “take 2”, we can’t go back and “redo” or “re-shoot” it….

Who you choose for your entertainment has only ONE shot – ONE chance to get it right the first time…

youtube is FULL of videos of bad dj’s who have ruined weddings and other events

in closing – I’ll give you some food for thought –

have you ever been to a party where the lights were amazing, the decorations were gorgeous, and there was good music – yet there was no “energy” or “fun” in the room? Yes, people were dancing, but no one was “partying” or “celebrating”.

On that same note – have you ever been to a club with some friends with great music – cool lights and effects – yet, you got bored and wanted to go somewhere else.

What made the difference? My guess is it was the entertainment – which goes WAY beyond just “playing music”……the difference between people partying and people just dancing – is having a smooth, polished and professional MC directing the flow and energy of the party.

Entertainment makes the difference.

So let me ask you this – do you want to have a function where people come and dance? Or do you want to have an incredible and amazing EVENT – that you and your guests will remember and talk about for the rest of your lives….

cause let’s face it – all of us “dj’s” have the same music, and more or less the same gear – so let me ask you again – are you looking for “just music”?

Let me wrap this up by saying that this just isn’t a “job” for me – it’s all I do and something that my daughter and I depend on – so words like integriy – dedication and enthusiasm take on a whole new meaning for us…

So pick up the phone and call and book us right now –you’re gonna love what we can do.


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Since 1982, Keith Fox has spent his career entertaining and dazzling THOUSANDS of clients, he is an eloquent speaker, dynamic entertainer and no where else will you find another professional with his passion, experience and enthusiasm. He is a highly sought after host/DJ and master of ceremonies for corporate America. Awarded “Entertainer of the Year” for California... Read More

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