Love Story

Love Story

Who are you? How did you meet?

Who said “I love you” first?
Who leaves dirty dishes in the sink?
What would you say if you could never see them again?

It’s your story. Tell it.

This is an incredible presentation. Right before you are introduced – your story is told to all your family and friends – taking no more than about 5 minutes.

Through our unique and simple questionnaire, you tell us everything we need to know – (without telling us “everything”) – then, we turn it into a magical fairy tale.

Tasteful. Fun and eloquently delivered.

The ONLY way to truly make your event your own.

(special discounts when booked with dj/mc)

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Since 1982, Keith Fox has spent his career entertaining and dazzling THOUSANDS of clients, he is an eloquent speaker, dynamic entertainer and no where else will you find another professional with his passion, experience and enthusiasm. He is a highly sought after host/DJ and master of ceremonies for corporate America. Awarded “Entertainer of the Year” for California... Read More

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