Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

That’s the million dollar question isn’t it?  Why choose us – how to choose wisely, who to choose?  It can be confusing and overwhelming…not to mention – you’ve got one shot – choose wrong and your most important event can become a train wreck.

We get it.

We try to make it easy – in a day and age where anyone with a laptop and iTunes account is an instant “dj” – it’s really hard to know what the exact “qualifications” are to be a “professional dj/mc/entertainer”.

So we’ve compiled a list of a few things you should be looking for in ANY company you are considering for ANY type of event.

  1. Video.  If the dj you’re talking to does not have RECENT video.  Walk.  Sorry but the digital age is here, (actually it’s been here since about 1998) – with the introduction of apps like iMovie, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere etc., there is NO excuse for ANY professional entertainer to not have some great video clips.  Handheld HD 1080p cams can be had on ebay for under $50.  If people can catch others picking their nose while driving down the freeway at 80 miles an hour, post it on YouTube and get 63,000 hits – your dj can have videos of his performances, announcements, etc.  oh, and on the same note, if all the video is, is of people dancing?  Walk.  What you need is how they SOUND, ACT,  you want to hear AND see how the dj interacts with the crowd/clients, etc.,

You can see our video with our interaction right here.

  1. Website.  Really??  I actually need to say this??  I am FLOORED at the super cheesy, circa 1995 dj websites that are still out there, with the looping “animated GIF’s” and the mind-numbing music….or my personal (NOT) favorite:  The “Starry Field” background.  Now, does your dj need to have some slick, flash enabled site?  Well, YES.  For the past several years, and the nauseating amount of templates and build it yourself sites, not too mention the super easy blogs and slick Word Press sites – my 9 year old daughter can put together an amazing site for under $50.  If the dj you are considering does not have a significant web presence, or the site looks “homemade”. Walk.

We’ve put together a smashingly great site for you.

  1. Testimonials.  For YEARS I have been posting the ACTUAL note from the ACTUAL client.  I am amazed at how many other dj’s still have the following format:

“Dear  DJ So-and-So – Mary and I want to thank you for how much you totally rock”  — Love Bob & Mary S.

Seriously?  Sorry – but this doesn’t work anymore.  Refer to #1.  Your dj should be getting VIDEO TESTIMONIALS.  Just about EVERY cell phone known to man has a video camera now.  These “mystery notes”?  Who even knows if they’re genuine.  If you are meeting with a prospective dj, ask to see actual notes from actual clients.   They should have a binder full of them. Again – this is the digital age – how hard is it to take the letter/note, scan it and post it?  My 9 year old does this.  If they “can’t” or “won’t”?  Walk.

Check all of ours out, right here.

  1. Reviews. Client Feedback Forms.  If the dj you are considering does not have some form of client feedback going on.  Walk.  This means that they really don’t care about what they do and just want to book the next job.  Any PROFESSIONAL MC/DJ entertainer will want to get constant feedback from their clients to improve their performance to command higher rates to be more in demand and……well….you get the picture.  No one becomes great just by thinking they are.  No client reviews?  Walk.

We have bunches and bunches!  Check out our “reviews” section!

  1. Bad Review.  Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but we are in the DIGITAL age.  What happens in Vegas stays on FaceBook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, et al.  You get the idea.  If your dj got blasted   on some site by some disgruntled client, don’t pay too much attention to it.  They probably don’t even know about it.  This is not the same thing as saying if the web is loaded with bad reviews of them – The point is simply that with the myriad of “review” sites (yelp, weddingwire, project wedding, facebook, twitter, the knot, and on and on and on) it’s easy for people to remain faceless and blast the poor sap cause they forgot to play the last :08 seconds of that one song at exactly 7:18pm during the cocktail hour.  What I’m trying to say is to keep everything in perspective.  No one is perfect, and even the most revered companies get baseless, bad reviews.  Along those same lines – RUN away from ANY company that claims they’ve never had a complaint.  They’re lying.   NO ONE is perfect.  Period.

As Abraham Lincoln said:  “You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time”.  Indeed.

While no one is perfect – we pride ourselves on correcting matters before they become problems.  Ask us how we do this…

  1. Years in business.  Yes, this matters, you’re going to want a true, seasoned professional who has many many years of experience in planning and working with other professionals in the event industry.  You need someone who can handle the pressure of when things go askew and when things aren’t on schedule or going as planned.  Can they step up to the challenge of keeping your event on track, and work professionaly behind the scenes with your other professionals to ensure a smooth and seamless event for you?

Been around since 1986.

  1. Liability Insurance.  Can’t believe we have to even list this, but please make sure that the dj company you want to hire has at least this basic business necessity – or they are putting you, your guests and your event at risk.  This is just business 101.

Ask us to get a special certificate naming your venue!

  1. Business License.  See #6


And last, but not least…

  1. Are they nice?  In other words;  do you like them?  More than anything else – you have to “like” them – after all – you’re going to be “stuck” with whomever you choose for your ENTIRE event.  Choose someone who is fun, professional and personable and most importantly, easy to work with.  You don’t have to be “Best buddies” with your dj, but by golly, you should really like and trust them.

Read our testimonials.  Watch them.  Listen to them.

Well, hopefully this information will help you – we’ve tried to make of list of some of the not-so-common things that people don’t usually think about.

If you have any other questions about anything event or party related – we’d love to help you!  Give us a call!


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